Monday blues can’t get me down.

Another Monday has rolled around.  What a weekend I had.  Last night a friend of mine aka my photographer and myself decided to take a little trip to this old fashioned 50’s styled restaurant.  It has been there for many years and each week they showcase a different classic car and I was so excited to see that the one on showcase this week had WHITE WALLS!!! Aka the white strip on the tires.  Sorry, when it comes to cars I’m very enthusiastic.

 Anywhoooo, I’d like to share how I was dressed (of course I loved this part).  Now, just so you know we took some very nice pictures too but haven’t gotten them downloaded yet.  So for now I have to leave you with a picture from behind the lens of my phone.  


Today I don’t really have much to write about but I just wanted to ask if each of you (I greatly apologize if you’re not religious, I don’t mean to offend your beliefs) could keep someone in your prayers or just say a little prayer for a dear friend of mine who left for Afghanistan.  I know that someone was looking down on him just because of something I saw on the way to work today; sun rays.  I always believe that sun rays are a little sign of someone peeking through and watching over me and my loved ones.  The pictures don’t do the rays justice.


Since I was feeling a little under the weather, I think I’m getting that end of summer cold that you get right before fall time starts.  Maybe I’m the only one that gets this way, but I bought myself Au Bon Pair and of course had to get my red velvet cupcake hehe.


Also here I am with my fur child.  I figured I needed some kind of a picture today, why not from my precious Lilly bug.



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xoxo Moniczka