Oh the little things.

Every once in a while I like to do something nice.  Whether it be for a family member, friend, or a stranger I like to do something nice.  I don’t plan it, it just sort of happens.  Spur of the moment.  I feel like it’s more memorable when it’s spur of the moment.  “Remember that time when we randomly did…”


Well today I was getting gas and the sweet boy who was pumping my gas (yes, it’s true in NJ we get our gas pumped for us although I’m not a fan) was so just adorable.  Most young kids nowadays hate their jobs (I mean pumping gas is a pretty tough job I don’t care what anyone says) and they are so ungrateful for that little job they have and you can tell they have NO customer service experience whatsoever.  This young boy was so happy and cheerful, you don’t see that very often.  He even tried making conversation with me and it was just so sweet.  Well I decided to give him a tip.  Now I don’t do this every time I go to the gas station, but this young boy which remains nameless deserved it.  I told him “here this is for you, I’m sorry it’s not much.”  He looked at me through my window with this huge smile on his face and said “this is more than I’ve ever gotten, this never happens!”  I simply told him he just brightened up my day with just being nice and not to let the world change that.


So since I told you my story (I had to tell someone other than my mom) onto my outfit!  It’s very simple, nothing too crazy.


The two tops (tank top and shirt) are both Ralph Lauren.  The pants are from mama’s closet and shoes are Nine West.


So does anyone have a story they want to share???  Whether you were nice or someone else was nice to you?






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Monday Blues

ImageToday was a rainy day and a Monday.  No pictures of my outfit today, it was raining way too bad, and by the time I came home after work it was already dark.  So therefore I will leave you with a picture of my favorite (and only) pair of Ralph Lauren Rain boots and a little something from Rihanna.  Even though I was never a big fan of her before, I have grown to like her and her music is really catchy.  I heard her song Diamonds come on the radio today and even though I’ve heard the song a million times, today was the day that I found inspiration in the lyrics:

“We’re beautiful like diamonds in the sky,

Shine bright like a diamond.”


If you think about it, those are very inspirational.  I was called a bottle of sunshine at work last week during a meeting because people say I’m the go-to girl when it comes to cheering up or just smiling at least once in a day.  So I guess my sunshine self wanted to share those lyrics with you.  We are all beautiful and don’t ever lower your self worth for ANYONE!  Most importantly, shine bright like a diamond.




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