More pretty pictures and my last day of PT!

Well everyone, today was my last day of Physical Therapy!! Oh, I feel so free.  It is an amazing feeling I must say.  I can wear heels just have to be careful.  They said I am free to go however I will have this knee problem until I get knee replacements when I’m older.  My knee cap is deteriorating so I just have to make sure I strengthen the muscles around it.  They said I can run but they would prefer I walk.  I will probably wait it out a little bit and strengthen my body with some yoga.  I love yoga, so that I WILL continue.

It was a little bittersweet walking out of that building because even though I was done I also will miss my therapists, doctors, and all of the other employees.  When you see these people three times a week for a few months you connect with them.  You develop friendships.  Also, my therapist just so happened to be Polish, she spoke it and everything so we used to talk in Polish during my sessions.  Well PT it was real, see you on the flip side haha.

So here is the second outfit that we took pictures of this weekend.  This was taken at the same lake as yesterday’s post.  Only difference is it was on the other side of the lake.  This was by the boardwalk and on the boardwalk.  There is a little story behind this place.  My family and I didn’t always live up here.  When my dad first came to the U.S. he visited this Polish couple up by this lake.  Now my dad was here for a few years before my mom was able to get her Visa.  They would mostly write letters to each other because over seas phone calls back in the 80’s were extremely costly.  My dad took a picture by this rock wall.  Everyone in my family has a picture by this wall.  The following picture was actually taken almost two years ago but I still have it so here is this wall:

ImageHe fell in love with this town and he sent the picture to my mom and said I promise we will live here one day.  Well sure enough some years later we moved up here.  We each have a picture where this wall is.  It is such a beautiful spot and this lake is gorgeous.  Actually right behind where this picture is taken is a restaurant.  People actually come to the restaurant in their boats across the lake, it’s pretty cool.

Anyway here are the beautiful shots of the view that we got that day.

ImageImageSo, now onto the outfit.  The vest (which you can barely see) is H&M.  I got it for 5 buckaroos.  The dress is Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply and you will never guess how much I paid for it; $13.  No, that is not a typo hehe.  The shoes are Nine West. 

ImageImageImageImageImageWhat is everyone doing this weekend?  Anything fun and exciting?

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I walk the line.

Well I will FINALLY be uploading my photo shoot pictures done by an awesome photographer.  She’s one of my coworkers and she’s just awesome.  She actually took a full afternoon/night to take pictures.  The best part is she was soooo into it.  One day I will show everyone what this beautiful mystery woman behind the lens looks like!


Where to begin, hmm.  Today was such a stressful day at work.  I can’t even begin to explain how many gray hairs I got from today haha.  Since I’m somewhat tired, I will share my pictures now.  


These pictures were taken by my house.  I live by a lake and my friend and I went to the country club to see if we could take some pretty pictures.  I also wanted to show her the beautiful houses back there since she lives some ways away from me.  We found this random bridge and she said lets go take pictures.  


The top is from Texas.  Not sure what brand it is.  I actually can’t remember, I needed a going out outfit and found this shirt.  It’s not the best quality buuutttt it’s 100% cotton which is what I love!  The shorts I bought at Macy’s.  They are Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply.  They look a lot shorter on the hanger than they do on me.  Of course the peep toe flats have made an appearance before, they’re Burberry.


I hope you enjoyed the pictures and I can’t wait to upload the rest of the pictures!!


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