Goodbye Weekend, until next time.

This weekend was fun filled.  Saturday night was the first time I went out in oh gosh, I don’t even know how long.  I don’t really go out anymore because I relax on the weekends after a long week of work and Physical Therapy, yoga, and my fur child.  

So first I would like to share something called sticky rice.  It’s an Asian dish, and if you wrap it with lotus leaves it’s something called zhong zhi.  I think that’s how you spell it if I remember correctly.  Let me just tell you if you find someone who can make this from scratch it’s literally heaven in your mouth.  It’s sticky rice with seasonings and each one is different but this one is so good.  It has sausage, small strips of mushroom, and just sticky rice.  I think the woman who made it for me puts oyster sauce in it as well.  Anyway, here is a picture of this amazing dish!
This is a picture I took a few months ago when I had it for the first time.  It’s wrapped in lotus leaves.
Saturday night I went out and had a ladies night.  The pictures aren’t great quality, they’re taken with phones so I apologize greatly, however I wanted to share them anyway.  My dress is from Forever 21, I literally bought it the night of.  My  hair and makeup is done by friend.  She has her own salon so I felt so awesome getting pampered!
 Today was Sunday Funday and this is what I wore.
ImageImageImage The hair piece is a new style I am trying out (from Forever 21) and I never thought I could pull it off but I am loving this look!  The leggings/yoga pants are from Victoria’s Secret, top from Marshall’s and rain boots are Ralph Lauren.  We had a torrential downpour today so I had no choice but to wear my rain boots.
I hope everyone had a good weekend!
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Cropped and High Low

Well I went out for a little casual party by the beach today so I decided to wear something beachy but of course put on some cute shoes!  It was a little bit of a BBQ too I guess.  The top and skirt are from Forever 21 and shoes are Betsey Johnson.  Short post today, I’m really tired and I have some things to do tomorrow.  I hope everyone’s having a good weekend!


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Day to Night

Well today’s post will be a combination of both my daytime outfit and now my nighttime outfit.  I hope you enjoy!



Hat:  Ralph Lauren

Jacket:  Burberry

Skirt:  Ralph Lauren

The jacket can be found at



Top:  Forever 21

Shorts:  Daffy’s

Shoes:  Betsey Johnson

Lipstick:  Mac, Nordstrom

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Birthday Festivities in NYC


Jewelry:  Jewel Mint, Lord & Taylor, and necklaces all handmade by my mom

Clutch:  Juicy Couture

Tank Top:  Ralph Lauren 100% Pima Cotton found at

Shoes:  Vince Camuto peep toe booties

Skirt:  Forever 21

Belt:  Burberry Prorsum found at

Jacket:  Alfani

Yesterday was my friends 25th birthday so we decided to go to the city for dinner and drinks at Yotel with their lovely rooftop terrace.  Absolutely amazing food and amazing scenery.  Thalia is a great seafood place and Yotel was just fun and very relaxed.  Happy Birthday Emily!!

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