Same outfit two different ways.

I love the weekend.  I really really really do.  Minus that I catch up on all of my cleaning and what not, but other than that I love it.  In today’s post I am going to wear the same outfit but in two different ways.  One is more casual than the other. 

The parts of the outfit that are the same are:
The white Ralph Lauren tank top found at
The crochet pink Unkown brand shorts found at Marshall’s.
For the first outfit the trench coat is Burberry found at  It is so lovely and I love the inside of it because it’s the Burberry plaid.  The clutch is Ralph Lauren and also found at This can be worn anywhere that accepts casual attire.
The second outfit is very simple.  I added a lot of turqouise jewelry that my Mom made a few years back.  I love anything big and chunky and a statement piece.  These necklaces all together are definitely a statement.  The peep toe flats are Chinese Laundry.  They are so comfortable and I can wear them with a lot of different outfits.
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More pretty pictures and my last day of PT!

Well everyone, today was my last day of Physical Therapy!! Oh, I feel so free.  It is an amazing feeling I must say.  I can wear heels just have to be careful.  They said I am free to go however I will have this knee problem until I get knee replacements when I’m older.  My knee cap is deteriorating so I just have to make sure I strengthen the muscles around it.  They said I can run but they would prefer I walk.  I will probably wait it out a little bit and strengthen my body with some yoga.  I love yoga, so that I WILL continue.

It was a little bittersweet walking out of that building because even though I was done I also will miss my therapists, doctors, and all of the other employees.  When you see these people three times a week for a few months you connect with them.  You develop friendships.  Also, my therapist just so happened to be Polish, she spoke it and everything so we used to talk in Polish during my sessions.  Well PT it was real, see you on the flip side haha.

So here is the second outfit that we took pictures of this weekend.  This was taken at the same lake as yesterday’s post.  Only difference is it was on the other side of the lake.  This was by the boardwalk and on the boardwalk.  There is a little story behind this place.  My family and I didn’t always live up here.  When my dad first came to the U.S. he visited this Polish couple up by this lake.  Now my dad was here for a few years before my mom was able to get her Visa.  They would mostly write letters to each other because over seas phone calls back in the 80’s were extremely costly.  My dad took a picture by this rock wall.  Everyone in my family has a picture by this wall.  The following picture was actually taken almost two years ago but I still have it so here is this wall:

ImageHe fell in love with this town and he sent the picture to my mom and said I promise we will live here one day.  Well sure enough some years later we moved up here.  We each have a picture where this wall is.  It is such a beautiful spot and this lake is gorgeous.  Actually right behind where this picture is taken is a restaurant.  People actually come to the restaurant in their boats across the lake, it’s pretty cool.

Anyway here are the beautiful shots of the view that we got that day.

ImageImageSo, now onto the outfit.  The vest (which you can barely see) is H&M.  I got it for 5 buckaroos.  The dress is Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply and you will never guess how much I paid for it; $13.  No, that is not a typo hehe.  The shoes are Nine West. 

ImageImageImageImageImageWhat is everyone doing this weekend?  Anything fun and exciting?

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I walk the line.

Well I will FINALLY be uploading my photo shoot pictures done by an awesome photographer.  She’s one of my coworkers and she’s just awesome.  She actually took a full afternoon/night to take pictures.  The best part is she was soooo into it.  One day I will show everyone what this beautiful mystery woman behind the lens looks like!


Where to begin, hmm.  Today was such a stressful day at work.  I can’t even begin to explain how many gray hairs I got from today haha.  Since I’m somewhat tired, I will share my pictures now.  


These pictures were taken by my house.  I live by a lake and my friend and I went to the country club to see if we could take some pretty pictures.  I also wanted to show her the beautiful houses back there since she lives some ways away from me.  We found this random bridge and she said lets go take pictures.  


The top is from Texas.  Not sure what brand it is.  I actually can’t remember, I needed a going out outfit and found this shirt.  It’s not the best quality buuutttt it’s 100% cotton which is what I love!  The shorts I bought at Macy’s.  They are Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply.  They look a lot shorter on the hanger than they do on me.  Of course the peep toe flats have made an appearance before, they’re Burberry.


I hope you enjoyed the pictures and I can’t wait to upload the rest of the pictures!!


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Happy Mini Hill Series Vol IV.

Why hello Wednesday.  You came by so fast, why can’t you do that every week?  Well I do this thing every Wednesday called Mini Hill Series.  Instead of saying hump day I like to say Mini Hill, it’s so clever I know haha.  Anyway, what is getting me through this lovely week? 

1.       Work-yes I said it work.  It has been so busy and hectic that the days go by so much faster.
2.       Reflections-no not through a mirror.  I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how much my life has changed for the better.  I started looking back on all of the negative things that have happened to me and I remember telling myself why does all of this happen to me?  That’s why I am a true believer of “everything happens for a reason.”


 3.       My mommy-I don’t know what I would do without this woman!  Every day that I come home from work (if you don’t know already I still live with my parents) we sit together drinking our coffee while she works and I blog.  We share our frustrations and positive moments of the day and it’s nice to be able to have someone to tell everything to.  A year ago a lot of things happened and I separated myself from a group of “friends” that were bringing me down and just toxic to my life.  They aren’t necessarily bad human beings, but not the right people to have in my life.  Ever since, I have completely changed my whole life and for the better!!!  My mom was by my side the whole time rootin’ me on.  To this day her and my dad are the best support system, and I have found a new group of friends that share the same interests and morals I do.  Oh and by the way I have NO problem admitting that I live at home.  Yes I’m almost 26, but I love my family more than being able to live on my own.

4.       Laughter & Happiness-What’s a life without laughter and happiness?  I’ve been doing a lot of this lately just to keep the spirits up.  Don’t get me wrong I can be enraged and be the absolute worst person to have someone stand in their way (only if it’s needed) but as I get older and I reflect on the past I realize that life is just beginning for me.  This is a happy time for me to shine.
5.       The movie Hachi-I know I wrote about this movie yesterday.  Its movies like this that just shows that true love exists.  I’m not talking about love between a couple or partnership I just mean love in general.  There is a special bond that we have with each and every person (or in this case animal) in our lives.  My dog is my Hachi and I love her to pieces.  And yes, I held her very tight last night too up until she decided to start licking my face in the middle of the night to wake up haha.


Anyway, what is getting everyone else through the week?  I wrote a pretty important (at least to me) post about this last week, you can read it here.

 Oh p.s. I am back on twitter.  A good blogger needs their twitter haha.

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First of all I watched the saddest yet heart warming movie yesterday, it’s called Hachi.  Now I know I’m a little late because this movie came out a few years ago, but it was so so so good.  I’m a big animal lover (in case you haven’t noticed) and I don’t know how life would be without the fur babies in mine.  I think the saddest part for me is that Hachi is based on a true story about a dog named Hachiko.  He is actually so famous that they built a monument for this precious dog.  

Hachiko was an Akita Inu (which if I ever get one I will name it Hachi) who in real life (I think 1934)claimed a professor as his master.  For those of you who don’t know anything about animals at least for dogs they like to chose their master.  This is pretty much their companion for life.  It’s some kind of connection that they have with the human being.  Well Hachiko used to greet his master at the train station every day, like clock work.  Until one day his master was no longer on this earth.  For nine years after that event until the day he died he went to that train station every single day hoping his master would come back to him.  The built a monument for Hachiko in Japan.
Let me tell you how much I cried like a baby.  I held my dog so tight last night in bed, and she loved it.  My dog is my Hachi.  She came into my life at the perfect time and we have a bond.  When I saw her at that shelter in Texas I looked at her and said that’s the one.  I originally came into the shelter looking for a male and preferably a smaller dog and I saw her and instantly new that she was my best friend.  My parents call me all the time and ask if I’m on my way home because she’s already waiting at the door.  Lilly and I have a bond that will forever be something that only we share together.  She may be just a dog but she’s my best friend.  This is why as horrible as this sounds I hope she goes before I do because I have a feeling she will be like Hachiko, waiting every day for me.
Anyway, onto my outfit.
It was a little chilly this morning.  The top is Ralph Lauren and the skirt is Marc Jacobs.  The skirt was one of the ones I spotted thrifting.  The shoes are also new, bought that at Macy’s and they are Ralph Lauren.  
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Oh the little things.

Every once in a while I like to do something nice.  Whether it be for a family member, friend, or a stranger I like to do something nice.  I don’t plan it, it just sort of happens.  Spur of the moment.  I feel like it’s more memorable when it’s spur of the moment.  “Remember that time when we randomly did…”


Well today I was getting gas and the sweet boy who was pumping my gas (yes, it’s true in NJ we get our gas pumped for us although I’m not a fan) was so just adorable.  Most young kids nowadays hate their jobs (I mean pumping gas is a pretty tough job I don’t care what anyone says) and they are so ungrateful for that little job they have and you can tell they have NO customer service experience whatsoever.  This young boy was so happy and cheerful, you don’t see that very often.  He even tried making conversation with me and it was just so sweet.  Well I decided to give him a tip.  Now I don’t do this every time I go to the gas station, but this young boy which remains nameless deserved it.  I told him “here this is for you, I’m sorry it’s not much.”  He looked at me through my window with this huge smile on his face and said “this is more than I’ve ever gotten, this never happens!”  I simply told him he just brightened up my day with just being nice and not to let the world change that.


So since I told you my story (I had to tell someone other than my mom) onto my outfit!  It’s very simple, nothing too crazy.


The two tops (tank top and shirt) are both Ralph Lauren.  The pants are from mama’s closet and shoes are Nine West.


So does anyone have a story they want to share???  Whether you were nice or someone else was nice to you?


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The Devi Collection and Singer Sewing Machines

I must say today was a very productive Sunday Funday.  First of all my friend and I took some beautiful shots that will be seen on my blog within the next week.  However, I did get one amazing picture with my phone of an old Singer Sewing Machine.  We went unexpectedly antiquing and found some cool finds.  My favorite was this Singer.  I am going back to buy it, I have to.


P.S.  Don’t mind the garbage in the picture.  My friend took better pictures with her camera which I will upload sometime this week.

The second part of this post is about this amazing line of scarves that I just so happened to stumble upon (ok someone told me about it).  They are 100% Silk Scarves that are hand made!!!  It is amazing, so I started messaging the owner through their Facebook page which you can find here.  As I got to talking with them I asked if I could feature them in my blog because I really need to share this creativity.  Well the following are a few pictures that they allowed me to post on my blog.


The Devi Collection also has an Etsy Shop which can be found if you click this.  I asked the owner to give me a little intro to share with everyone and this is what she told me:


“A true labor of love, these scarves are each individually designed and handmade by me using the ancient Turkish art of water marbling, or Ebru. Water marbling is the process whereby paints are floated atop a gel-like solution and then dragged with various tools to create the beautiful designs you see here. The paint design is then transferred to the silk by dipping the scarf into the solution, resulting in a unique design that can never be recreated. My scarves are like snowflakes; each is unique and no one is the same. They are designed and crafted like a piece of art and are made using silk chiffon and habotai fabrics. Radiate beauty and let your inner light shine brightly for all to see when wearing these divine scarves”


So pretty much I think all of you should go check out their Facebook page.  You should also share it and like it, please.  Also don’t forget about their Etsy Shop.


For those of you in the NJ area, specifically Scotch Plains, there is this store called The Last Firefly.  They sell some of The Devi Collection scarves.  If you click here you will be directed to their Facebook Page and if you click here you will be directed to their actual store site.  I really hope all of you will take a look at these works of art!!!


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