Happy Mini Hill Series Vol IV.

Why hello Wednesday.  You came by so fast, why can’t you do that every week?  Well I do this thing every Wednesday called Mini Hill Series.  Instead of saying hump day I like to say Mini Hill, it’s so clever I know haha.  Anyway, what is getting me through this lovely week? 

1.       Work-yes I said it work.  It has been so busy and hectic that the days go by so much faster.
2.       Reflections-no not through a mirror.  I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how much my life has changed for the better.  I started looking back on all of the negative things that have happened to me and I remember telling myself why does all of this happen to me?  That’s why I am a true believer of “everything happens for a reason.”


 3.       My mommy-I don’t know what I would do without this woman!  Every day that I come home from work (if you don’t know already I still live with my parents) we sit together drinking our coffee while she works and I blog.  We share our frustrations and positive moments of the day and it’s nice to be able to have someone to tell everything to.  A year ago a lot of things happened and I separated myself from a group of “friends” that were bringing me down and just toxic to my life.  They aren’t necessarily bad human beings, but not the right people to have in my life.  Ever since, I have completely changed my whole life and for the better!!!  My mom was by my side the whole time rootin’ me on.  To this day her and my dad are the best support system, and I have found a new group of friends that share the same interests and morals I do.  Oh and by the way I have NO problem admitting that I live at home.  Yes I’m almost 26, but I love my family more than being able to live on my own.

4.       Laughter & Happiness-What’s a life without laughter and happiness?  I’ve been doing a lot of this lately just to keep the spirits up.  Don’t get me wrong I can be enraged and be the absolute worst person to have someone stand in their way (only if it’s needed) but as I get older and I reflect on the past I realize that life is just beginning for me.  This is a happy time for me to shine.
5.       The movie Hachi-I know I wrote about this movie yesterday.  Its movies like this that just shows that true love exists.  I’m not talking about love between a couple or partnership I just mean love in general.  There is a special bond that we have with each and every person (or in this case animal) in our lives.  My dog is my Hachi and I love her to pieces.  And yes, I held her very tight last night too up until she decided to start licking my face in the middle of the night to wake up haha.


Anyway, what is getting everyone else through the week?  I wrote a pretty important (at least to me) post about this last week, you can read it here.

 Oh p.s. I am back on twitter.  A good blogger needs their twitter haha.

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