Jack and Jim were a few good men.

For those of you who don’t listen/like country (which is fine I listen to every genre of music anyway) my title of this post is from a lovely song by Jason Aldean, Dirt Road Anthem.  Jack and Jim are the first names of alcohol.  Not only does Mister Aldean have a very deep raspy’ish country voice but he’s not too shabby lookin’ too hehe.  Once I started to become obsessed with making it to Texas (even though I came back I love Texas and always will), I started listening to more and more country music.  Now down south they don’t just listen to country music it’s a mix of music, but the country music they have is awesome.  Each state has their own “flavor” is what I like to call it.


Anyway the inspiration for this song was a blog I stumbled upon a few weeks ago.  The blog is called A Fabulous Fete and I suggest you click here and go check it out.  The work that Lauren (who is the blog’s author) does is simply amazing.  She has so many creative ideas.  I have seen many creative diy’s but in my opinion she is the most creative.  I would have to say that her blog all around is lovely.  The colors and the picture quality are just so beautiful.  Ok, well before I ramble about how much I love her blog and blog posts and little creations I want to share a post that she uploaded.


Click here to be directed to the post!


The title is called Whiskey Party Inspiration.  Now I’m not a big drinker of alcohol, I’ll have an occasional cocktail, beer, or just Jack & Coke.  Now you know why I am in love with this post hehe.  Not that I don’t like other posts but this one is I think my favorite.  Anyway below is my favorite picture of the post which is not mine it is from Lauren’s blog.




Now, need I say more?


What I love is that Lauren gives step by step tutorials of her creations.  I think this blog is wonderful and I am so so so so happy that I stumbled upon it!





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xoxo Moniczka


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