The Devi Collection and Singer Sewing Machines

I must say today was a very productive Sunday Funday.  First of all my friend and I took some beautiful shots that will be seen on my blog within the next week.  However, I did get one amazing picture with my phone of an old Singer Sewing Machine.  We went unexpectedly antiquing and found some cool finds.  My favorite was this Singer.  I am going back to buy it, I have to.


P.S.  Don’t mind the garbage in the picture.  My friend took better pictures with her camera which I will upload sometime this week.

The second part of this post is about this amazing line of scarves that I just so happened to stumble upon (ok someone told me about it).  They are 100% Silk Scarves that are hand made!!!  It is amazing, so I started messaging the owner through their Facebook page which you can find here.  As I got to talking with them I asked if I could feature them in my blog because I really need to share this creativity.  Well the following are a few pictures that they allowed me to post on my blog.


The Devi Collection also has an Etsy Shop which can be found if you click this.  I asked the owner to give me a little intro to share with everyone and this is what she told me:


“A true labor of love, these scarves are each individually designed and handmade by me using the ancient Turkish art of water marbling, or Ebru. Water marbling is the process whereby paints are floated atop a gel-like solution and then dragged with various tools to create the beautiful designs you see here. The paint design is then transferred to the silk by dipping the scarf into the solution, resulting in a unique design that can never be recreated. My scarves are like snowflakes; each is unique and no one is the same. They are designed and crafted like a piece of art and are made using silk chiffon and habotai fabrics. Radiate beauty and let your inner light shine brightly for all to see when wearing these divine scarves”


So pretty much I think all of you should go check out their Facebook page.  You should also share it and like it, please.  Also don’t forget about their Etsy Shop.


For those of you in the NJ area, specifically Scotch Plains, there is this store called The Last Firefly.  They sell some of The Devi Collection scarves.  If you click here you will be directed to their Facebook Page and if you click here you will be directed to their actual store site.  I really hope all of you will take a look at these works of art!!!


instagram Monisia87


xoxo Moniczka


2 thoughts on “The Devi Collection and Singer Sewing Machines

  1. That sewing machine is so cool! I was out browsing garage sales with my cousin a few weeks ago and I saw a 1903 Singer sewing machine that was Egyptian themed and my cousin ended up buying it. Her sewing room is Egyptian themed so it was perfect!

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