I really need to stop shopping!  I shop way too much, I think I have a problem.  Actually I bargain shop so I don’t think it’s as bad.  Anyway, I bought two pairs of shoes, shorts, and a dress.  I’d say they were all for a very good deal, gotta love sales and coupons!! 


Anyway, here is a picture of the one tile in Nordstrom.  Ok, so my real name is Monika but some people call me Madison.  It’s actually funny how I got the name.  An old friend met me for the first time and kept calling me Madison and introduced me as Madison.  I went along with it but after I said “you know my name isn’t Madison right?”  He then got all embarrassed and when I told him my real name he said he’s going to call me Madison because I look more like one.  It was fine by me because I actually always loved the name Madison for a girl.  So when I saw this tile I had to take a picture and share this silly little story with everyone.


To go shopping I noticed I tend to wear the same Burberry wedges all the time.  Probably because they are as comfortable as flip flops but without the beachy look that doesn’t really go with all outfits.  The capris are pima cotton (oh my gosh I can’t stop touching them, they are THAT soft).  The purple top is Ralph Lauren and I love it because it’s so versatile.  Oh and the necklace is silver, real silver, my Grandpa found it when we went on a walk in Poland.  It’s funny how you can find such beautiful things.



Anywhoo, short post today I’m a little sleepy.  Plus it’s food coma time!


instagram Monisia87


xoxo Moniczka


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