Vacation Vol. I

Oh my gosh where to start??

ImageImageImageWell first of all I took some pictures at the tracks because I haven’t been on a train since I was in Poland which was a very long time ago.  Of course I took pictures with my parents and it was kind of funny because I went through the gate and forgot to give them hugs that the ladies were nice enough and said just go through with her so they waited at the tracks with me.

ImageImageThe outfit was pretty simple, hat and top are Ralph Lauren.  Shorts and sandals are unkown but I still love them!

ImageWhile I was on the train I remembered to draw a fish on my wrist and tag it with a little fishy project.  This one’s for you Talia!!

ImageOne of the most important things on the train was this outlet that literally saved my phone and its battery since I was surfing the internet before I fell asleep.

There were so many places and so many pictures I took this weekend that I just want to upload every single picture but I’ll narrow it down to a few.

ImageImageThese were taken at the public park.  It was absolutely amazing.  Definitely an amazing park, especially since it’s right in the middle of a beautiful city.  There’s just something about Boston, it’s beautiful, all of the old buildings are spectacular. Image

ImageImageImageThis is the Christian Science center.

ImageAfter this my brother and I started walking the streets of Boston.  We walked 3 miles my first day there.  I went to where the Boston bombings happened and paid my respects.  Boston strong!

ImageThen we decided to go Boloco which is A-MA-ZING!!  It’s so good, it’s like Chipotle but different.

ImageImageOur walk home was very interesting.  We were both so exhausted but we made it!  We even made it in to the supermarket and walked home.

ImageThis was at my brother’s apartment.  It was way too hot so we cut up my old Army PT shirt.  No I was not in the Army but someone I know is.

My first day was so amazing and it was such an adventure.  I can’t wait to upload even more about my vacation but that’s it for tonight.  I hope y’all enjoyed this so far!

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xoxo Moniczka


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