Back to Reality, Hi Monday!

Well what a fun filled weekend I had in Boston. I will say I feel like I was gone for a week! My brother and I did so much but he said he didn’t even show me 1/3 of what he wanted to show me. I’ve been to Boston plenty of times but he knows the really interesting spots to go to. I have some good pictures that really captured the city in itself. I decided I will create 4 different posts for this weekend. Not only did I change outfits a few times but I really saw a lot.

On Friday it was a simple day, just took the train and then walked around Boston for a little bit.

On Saturday we went thrift shopping ALL day and at night we went to a really good restaurant called Marliave. I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend it if you are in the Boston area. It is on a little side street and the building is the original because the pictures I saw from 1936 are exactly the same except the floors a little cracked but I think that gives it character. Anways we ate lots of oysters because from 9-10pm they are $1 oysters!!! That is amazing and I must say oh my goodness so so so so so good!

Well now that I made myself hungry for oysters…

On Sunday we just walked around a little bit but couldn’t do that much because I had my luggage with me so we stayed in the area and then sat in the park for a little bit. I was finally able to get home and see my little fur children hehe. I promise I will upload the trip in four different posts, I have lots of pictures so stay tuned!

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xoxo Moniczka


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