Almost on vacation!!

Well I am almost, so very close, on vacation!  Boston here I come!

 So is anyone else vacationing?  What are you packing for your trip?  Any special purchase (I love an excuse to shop!)

 Also I am terrible at packing ahead of time and everything is always done last minute.  I make the lists a few days before and say oh yes I will start packing and it never happens.


Anyways, I am pretty much bringing the essentials and then a few extra things.  However I need to keep some extra room in my luggage so in case I bring any goodies back home because I am going thrift shopping!  I am crossing my fingers on finding some amazing things and hopefully from the 50’s.

I’m very excited to go to Boston because I need some New England Clam Chowder and my favorite; oysters!

As for my outfit of the day, I have two.  One was during work and the other was while I was running some last minute errands.  I think if I could I would change outfits more than 2 times a day haha.

Outfit number I: ImageImageImageImage

Mini Jacket//Kensie

Belt//Burberry Prorsum (

Top// Ralph Lauren (

Skirt//Ralph Lauren-this one is from many years ago, used to be my mom’s.

 Outfit number II:


Super simple for running errands.  I wanted to be comfortable, very very comfortable haha.

Hat//Ralph Lauren

Shirt//Ralph Lauren

Shorts//Ralph Lauren

Flip-Flops//Ralph Lauren

I will probably go on a few day hiatus from my mini vacation so I wish everyone a happy weekend and if you’re traveling like me happy travels!


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xoxo Moniczka


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