Happy mini hill of the week! Vol. I

I decided I’m going to do something every Wednesday. Although technically my Wednesday was yesterday because I took off on Friday to be able to go to Boston, BUT I want to see if I can stick to this little mini series I’ve decided to have.

What is helping everyone get over the hump of the week this week? 

My guilty pleasures are:

  • Sugar Cookies-yummy
  • Sleeping an extra 15 minutes (due to the no makeup challenge, I extended it a day)
  • Coffee
  • Miley Cyrus//We can’t stop (totally obsessed with this song and it’s not even my type of music)
  • Not washing my hair which is forcing me to wear it a different way (as seen in my ootd picture later in this post)
  • Preparing for my map nails-I didn’t realize finding a map was going to be so hard!!!!
  • List for my trip (will also have a picture shown later)
  • Counting down to my mini vacation (Friday you are so close but yet so far away!)

ImageSo for those of you who don’t know or haven’t read in previous posts I have a little brother.  His name is Max and he’s a 20 year old student going to Boston University (Go BU!!!).  I couldn’t be more proud of his accomplishments and a bittersweet moment happened a few weeks ago, he left the nest and got an apartment in Boston.  Well I decided to take a personal day on Friday and go to Boston.  Normally we drive because it’s only a  4-5 hour drive, buuuttt I wanted to experience a different type of transportation; a train.  I’ve only ever been on a train in Poland, not here in the U.S.  I’m very excited and cannot wait!!!  I’ve been packing and as I always do, I wrote out a list of what to bring or what to do before I leave oh and by the way, it’s still in progress haha.


My outfit of the day was something comfortable, my stomach was bothering me so nothing too tight.  I also have massive bug bites everywhere on my legs so I’ve been trying to wear longer dresses/skirts.  Well today I decided on my favorite zig zag; Missoni.  The top is Ralph Lauren along with the shoes.  The gold necklace is from a market (Valentine’s Day present from my dad)and the turquoise one is made half by my mom and half by me.  Sunglasses are of course my lovely Ray Bans.

ImageImageImageAlso wanted to share pictures of the fur children hehe.

ImageImageAlso I’m not sure if some of you know who Talia Castellano is.  She’s a beautiful young girl who earned her wings yesterday morning.  May she rest in peace!  She had cancer and fought for a very long time and she is an inspiration to so many people.  Not just people who were also fighting cancer but for every one in general.  She was an aspiring makeup artist and has many videos on youtube.  Keep in mind she is a teenager, so for a teenager to be this strong I think it’s just incredible.  She also made it to be a Cover Girl.  She truly is an amazing role model for all people out there.  She had a terminal illness and she still kept that smile.  We don’t know what went on behind the camera or behind the pictures but you can just see the sparkle in her eyes that she was a fighter.  Earth may have lost a warrior but Heaven (if you believe in Heaven don’t want to offend anyone) has gained an angel.  I also read that on Friday 7/19 to show support for Talia draw a picture of a little fish on your wrist and hashtag it as #alittlefishyproject to support and spread awareness.  I know I will do it, even if I look funny on the train.

ImageNow I would like to leave you with a quote…





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xoxo Moniczka


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