Victory is Mine!

Well today was a very interesting day.  First of all at work I received a bazillion presents.  One coworker got me a 3  month early birthday present haha.  It’s a Diamond Candle.  For those of you who haven’t heard of this amazing invention yet it’s a soy candle and the greatest part is there is a prize inside.  It kind of reminds me of cracker jack or the cereals that had prizes at the bottom.  Well with this brilliant candle you have to burn it until it reaches a ring.  The ring can be priced anywhere from $10, $100, $1,000, to $5,000.  This is awesome!!! So I’m actually looking at it right now thinking “Burn baby burn!”  Along with that my supervisor brought me red Nine West kitten heel shoes that were a little big for her and I actually fit into them.  Then there’s something another coworker brought me.  She knows I like pink so when she went to Victoria’s Secret today she brought me back one of the pink dog stuffed animals.  I know it was part of the free gift but still it’s pink!  Last but not least another coworker actually told one of our clients today not to give her all of the credit for something because I was actually the one who did it.  It was so noble and I was very surprised that someone actually would do something like that.

Anyway my title is because I went shopping at Marshall’s today and hit the jackpot! I bought three pairs of shoes, crochet shorts, a top, and last but not least a kettle ball.  I need to start working out a little bit.  Also I went shopping with my beautiful mommy 🙂


My outfit is very simple.  Necklace is from Macy’s, pants are Ralph Lauren, tank top is Ralph Lauren, and flip flops are Ralph Lauren.  Bag is vintage Dooney & Bourke.  By the way check out my mom’s new obsession that I’m pointing at; her “gnomies.”


 And I did my nails last night 🙂



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xoxo Moniczka


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