A little tribal, a little backless

Well, I think this was the riskiest top I’ve ever worn.  First of all, I couldn’t wear a bra because the back went so low and I don’t have those special cups to hide my girls.  Second of all it had a crazy cut and I was a little worried about having an oopsie celebrity moment haha.  Nonetheless I didn’t because I wasn’t doing anything crazy or strenuous.


So lately I’ve been feeling a little bored.  I started browsing nail art tutorials.  I must say some of these creations are just leaving me at a loss for words.  How do you do that???? How do you make it so perfect!!?? Well I guess practice makes perfect.  So for the next few weeks I’ve decided to challenge myself.  Since I already did a patriotic theme and fresh fruit theme I am going to do others.  They may not be the best quality but hey at least I can say I did it myself!


Anywhooooo, my outfit was pretty simple.  Tribal top is Ralph Lauren and can be found at http://www.stores.ebay.com/EWA-BAZAAR

Shoes are Ugg and bag is Juicy Couture.






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xoxo Moniczka


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