3 in 1!

Since I didn’t blog yesterday I’ m going to do three posts in one.  Why three if it should only be two?  Well yesterday I went to a BBQ graduation party, then after I had a girls night in, and today I went hiking.  So I’ve compiled pictures of all THREE events for your viewing pleasure.


I.  BBQ/Graduation Party


II.  Girls Night IN.


  • The musts of girls night.
    • Hair-Henna.  What I use in my hair to make it red AND to strengthen it, since a few years ago my hair was falling out in chunks due to medication, stress, and overly processed hair-color.
    • Nails-I did these myself but I found the tutorial online http://www.thecraftyninja.com/fresh-fruit-nail-tutorial/  This tutorial is so helpful and it makes this somewhat effortless, just need the time for it.
    • Skin-The usual oatmeal facial.  All that I do (not sure if it’s correct though haha) is just boil some water, add some oatmeal until it’s a little mushy, a little milk too and once it’s not too hot I put it on my face, let it sit there for a little while and rinse.

 III.  Hiking/Nature Walk



  • Hiking/Waterfalls-I wore those sandals on accident, the hiking was somewhat last minute and all they had were shorts and a tank top, good thing I decided NOT to wear wedges today! haha
  • My best friend aka Peapod
  • Scenic Overlook
  • Getting Lost
  • Walking in the middle of the road
  • My bouquet that I picked on our walk back after we got lost and were a few miles away haha




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xoxo Moniczka


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