Lots of prints!

Well today was filled with lots of prints.  From stripes, to tribal, on to leopard.  Somehow it worked out that way for today’s outfits.  Yes there are two again.  Sorry I really need to stop changing for every occasion haha.


First Outfit-Stripes & Tribal

Well I mixed prints on this outfit, let me know what you think or if it is worthy enough to be considered trendy.  The top is Tart from Marshall’s, yoga pants are from Victoria’s Secret, shoes are Jeffrey Campbell, purse is Betsey Johnson, and jewelry is from Forever 21.  



Second Outfit-A little pinup feel

The pencil skirt is Ralph Lauren, tank top is also Ralph Lauren, scarf is H&M, sunglasses are Rayban, bag is Louis Vuitton, and shoes are from Charlotte Russe (believe it or not).  The shoes were also a Halloween costume from a few years ago, I feel like I’ve been a pinup a few years running now.  I just can’t help it, that’s my favorite era.






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xoxo Moniczka


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