Sunday Funday

Two outfits for today’s Sunday Funday.  I think I have a problem, either I own too many clothes, or I just like to play dress up a little too much a haha, or maybe just both!  Either way, I have an addiction to fashion.

1.  I wore this on my way back from being away this weekend.  Very simple outfit and actually I went for a little walk before leaving and thankfully my outfit was blog worthy so I was able to take some pictures 🙂


  • Dress-Nordstrom
  • Belt-vintage (mommy’s closet)
  • Shoes-Franco Sarto
  • Hat-from mommy’s closet

2.  This second outfit I wore when I got home.  My parents and I wanted to take a nice walk at the boardwalk by our house.  We live in the woods so we are surrounded by lakes.  There’s a super cute little area where they have  little shops, then there are restaurants that make homemade food, or homemade beer (yes I do like beer, not just girly drinks).  The best part is there is an AMAZING ICE CREAM SHOP!! That’s my favorite.  So we just walked on the boardwalk.  The boardwalk actually has some history behind it.  When my dad came to America he found this place, took a picture, sent it to my mom with a letter that said “once you get your Visa and make it to America I promise we will live here,” all in Polish of course haha.  Well my dad kept his promise.  Now onto the outfit!


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xoxo Moniczka


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