Traveling in comfort and style!


Since I’m super tired and it’s been a long day I’m taking a little drive to get away and have a weekend trip. I will most likely go to sleep early and not do anything too special I decided to wear my Burberry sweats, tank top, and shoes. All can be found at I decided to rep that store this week with all of the little goodies I found in my closet after I finally started organizing the clothes that fell to the floor when my closet broke. Yes I know it’s been a few weeks since that happened but I’ve been so busy. Thanks to my closet falling and ending up all over my floor I’ve found some things to send to Poland, some things to donate to Salvation Army, and some things I haven’t worn and either forgot I had or couldn’t find.

Anyway most of these things I’ve gotten recently but I’ve just forgotten with how busy I’ve been.

So with this outfit also comes two awesome duffel bags. The pink Ralph Lauren duffel bag is pretty much just for the little things I have, hair product, makeup, jewelry, or any last minute stuff. The bigger one is Burberry and what I love is that the handles are just big enough to be able to wear on my shoulder rather than hold because we all know sometimes when you travel it’s a pain to hold a bunch of stuff. I don’t know if I will have time to upload pictures or not or if I’m just staying until Saturday/Sunday night so if I don’t post, everyone enjoy your weekend! 

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