Just another day…


One outfit is all Ralph Lauren and can be found at http://www.stores.ebay.com/EWA-BAZAAR I wore it to work because it was kind of warm out today.  The second outfit I wore to yoga after work today.  I was starting to get bored of yoga pants so I decided to whip out the Burberry workout outfit that I got as a present from my mom for kid’s day.  I’m not sure if other countries have it but it’s kind of like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day but in Poland we have Kid’s Day which is in the beginning of June.  So I decided to make use of the whole outfit.  All of these pieces from top to bottom can be bought at http://www.stores.ebay.com/EWA-BAZAAR (I got the extra stuff that was left over hehe)

So I think I might stop posting in Chictopia.  I messaged the people in charge to see why only two of my pictures have made it, seeing as I’ve had MUCH better outfits since then and on top of that some really terrible quality pictures, worse than mine.  Their response was kind of discouraging.  They pretty much told me with nice wording that my outfits weren’t good enough.  It started to make me question my fashion/style worthiness.  I know it’s just a website and what not but the Lookbook community is WAY better.  They have really strict rules and they stick to them because they have quality outfits and quality photos, but they also have quality people on there.  I’m a new user and you won’t show up in the new page because they have rules that you have to be followed by a certain amount of respected people in that community and what not, well somehow people see me and fan me or comment or hype my photos.

I feel as though Lookbook is just better all around.  I don’t want to stop posting on Chictopia but I’d rather not get votes (which I get more on Lookbook) on a super awesome website like Lookbook.  Chictopia is good too, but not the same.

Anyway I’m done with my rant, I hope you enjoy the pictures of the day.



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