I need your love

Totally obsessed with Calvin Harris/Ellie Goulding I need your love right about now, even have my mom singing it!



Oh thank goodness it’s Friday!  This week was so stressful, that I even cried.  Sorry to prove you wrong Fergie but sometimes big girls DO cry.  I mean I guess it’s better for me to cry than to flip out and yell at everyone and their mother.  I don’t really know why I cried though, I think I was just way too overwhelmed but I kept counting down the days to today; Friday!  I decided since it’s such an awesome day of the week, even though it was raining/overcast, I wore my hot pink blazer, which just so happens to be my favorite.  I like this because even though it’s very professional and office-like it’s my favorite color so even a boring old blazer can look cute.    Blazer is Tahari, pants are 100% Linen Unkown Brand though, necklace is DIY/handmade by moi.  Oh and the extensions I keep forgetting to tell are also made by me, if you’re into sewing just buy a full track and sew the clips on, it’s super easy!

Anyways…I think I decided I might try to add something to my blogs, maybe once a week share some of my favorite things, whether it’s food, hair care, nail trends, organizations, music, or anything else that I’m really into at the moment.  I still want this to be a fashion blog but I can only imagine how boring it gets reading the same things and seeing the same pictures of me posted ALL the time. 




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xoxo Moniczka


2 thoughts on “I need your love

  1. I don’t think it’s boring. 😉 I love to read and watch the pics on your blog. But if you post some additional I’m also okay with that. 😉 BTW: The song is really amazing! 😀

    And nice outfit! The blazer totally rocks and the shoes are amazing. And this super cute little dog!! 🙂

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