The title of this post is actually in Polish (I’m Polish), and it means Amber.  Where my family is from in Poland is a city called Gdynia.  It’s part of the Troj Miasto aka Tri-City that connects to Sopot and Gdansk.  By the way I don’t know how to add all the accents and stuff on my keyboard for the Polish words!  Anyway these cities are located in northern Poland on the beaches of the Baltic Sea.  The reason why I’m telling you all of this is because the amber necklace I’m wearing is actually from the Baltic Sea.  We have such an abundance of Amber or at least we used to that it used to sell for so inexpensive but now they have come up with all of these handmade pieces that are just amazingly beautiful.  There are so many different types of amber, my mom actually has a beautiful black amber necklace that she rarely ever wears because of the fact that it’s black.  Anyway, that is my explanation of the title of this post.

To add more to the title, if anyone ever has any chance to go to Poland I suggest you go to the Troj Miasto area because my city, Gdynia is the youngest of the three and it used to be mostly a harbor city, and still is but there’s nice beaches, parks, and food.  Sopot has really good night life and the main square is so pretty, or the boardwalk.  Gdansk is the most beautiful of the three. It has most of the historic buildings and market place and is just beautiful all around.  I highly suggest going to those cities while you’re in Poland, plus who doesn’t want to get their tan on at the beaches?!

As for my outfit, I love this dress but rarely ever wear it because it is so delicate and I don’t want to ruin it, especially working at an office where I’m constantly running around and running into things because I’m super clumsy.  The belt is vintage, it’s older than me and I know I wear it all the time in my posts but I literally love it that much.  Sandals are Burberry, Hat is Ralph Lauren, Sunglasses are Rayban, and the bag is vintage Dooney & Bourke.

I hope everyone is having a good week so far, for those of you who work Monday-Friday, guess what!?  We are halfway through the week!!! ^_^




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xoxo Moniczka


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