Raindrops on Roses


Monday, we meet again.  Rain, we meet again also.  I’m starting to feel like it rains every day.  The rain doesn’t get me down though, it just makes me cold but the good thing about cold is layering.  I LOVE layering clothing or adding accessories like the above scarf.  It could be a little warmer but that’s ok, it’s only June we WILL see the warm weather soon enough. 

So over the weekend I found out that I had to bring my car into the shop, but the greatest part is I got a realllly nice courtesy car for a day and I think it will be my future car.  There was a bubble in the tire along with a bent rim.  It’s so sad, but I know which pot hole it happened from.  I actually got lucky because it wasn’t really a pot hole.  It was more like one of those sewage/man hole things that never had the top put back on and my whole tire and rim went inside.  Thank goodness I was going fast enough otherwise I probably would’ve gotten stuck.  But let me talk about this courtesy car!  I almost want to ask them if I can just keep the courtesy car and they can take my car haha.  So my Monday Blues (even though I’m wearing blue) were not as bad as usual.

My outfit was very simple today because I had to wake up even earlier to bring my car to the dealership.  The vest is H&M Logg and the skirt I actually wore last week it is INC.  Shoes are Nine West and scarf is Tommy Hilfiger.  The bag is Vince Camuto.

The rock wall is still being worked on at the house but at least I am able to take some pictures standing up, and not trying to find areas where there isn’t any construction going on haha.

Also, guess what?  Monday’s almost over ^_^




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