Think Pink


Well today is of course a casual day because it’s SATURDAY!!! No work, just play.  Actually no that’s a lie I do have to work with my mom and her business.  So we get to go shopping today.  I figured since it will be a day of somewhat leisure I’ll wear something a little more comfortable.  The dress/tunic/shirt (not sure what it’s supposed to be) is Ralph Lauren Blue Label, and the best part is it’s silk so it feels soooo nice!  The shoes are Jeffrey Campbell and I absolutely love them.  They are my elf shoes ^_^ The clutch is Ralph Lauren which can be found at and the hat is stolen from my mom’s closet 🙂


So I did find out some good news yesterday.  My MRI results came back and I DON’T NEED SURGERY!!! Only thing is I do have something wrong with my knee that can be helped by PT but it’s a syndrome so I will be stuck with it.  As long as I don’t have to go under the knife I’m ok.  I did find out that I have a cyst on my hand that is benign but if it starts to limit my hand from functioning I will have to get it removed or drained.  So everything is going well.  I think someone’s watching over me because during the MRI on Wednesday and while waiting at Physical Therapy yesterday I heard the song Somewhere over the Rainbow by Israel K and that is my favorite song of all time and it means something to me.


How is everyone’s weekend going so far?  Anything interesting going on?


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