Pretty in Blush


Short post.  I’m sleepy and it’s been a long day at work.  How has everyone’s week been so far?

Also, I’m a little worried.  I found a bump on me and I researched it, it looks like a Gaglian cyst, has anyone ever had one of these???


instagram Monisia87


by the way the dress i got from my mom’s store, not sure if she has anymore oh and the Burberry peep toe flats as well so go check out


3 thoughts on “Pretty in Blush

  1. Cute outfit and I really love the dress! Lovely one! And the necklace is also a very nice piece!

    And about your cyst – hope it get’s better soon and everything works out well. Haven’t heard of it yet. If it won’t go away, maybe check out a doctor and let him/her take a look at it.

    Anyway – my week so far was okay. 😉 Had to do some stuff for university. I’m glad today is Friday! 🙂

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