Today was a Missoni kind of a day. 


Today was a Missoni kind of a day.  It was a little bit chilly but I still wanted to wear something that would cover my knee but not cover it completely so it wouldn’t irritate my knee.  It’s been raining for the past few days if you haven’t noticed the lighting in my pictures, very muggy and gloomy.  Today my knee felt better; enough to last a day in my wedges.  That’s good news because I was getting scared I was going to have to start wearing supportive shoes.

Physical Therapy is going well.  I’m hoping my knee will feel better soon.  I know I have to get a MRI but I’m scared to find out what the results are.  I’m hoping the tear in my meniscus isn’t severe and it’s fixable with just therapy.

Also I was thinking about telling everyone my story about going to Texas last year.  It was a whirlwind of good and bad times.  I think I might tell you guys about that this weekend.  It’s a long story so if you guys have time to read it I think you should.  I went through a lot and was disappointed by a lot of the aftermath but I picked up the pieces and said “keep on truckin.”  Stay tuned for more!

Skirt:  Missoni

Shoes:  Anna Luz

Tank Top:  Ralph Lauren

Jacket:  Grace Elements

Necklace:  Unkown-present from Dad on Valentine’s Day

instagram Monisia87

trendabl moniczka_moda

xoxo Moniczka


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