Hot Pink kind of a Day!


Oh, the wretched “Monday Blues.”  I decided that instead of being gloomy and tired looking because it’s Monday I wanted to spice up my day a little.  I know we all hate Monday’s, there’s always magically double the traffic, have to go back to work, or have to go back to school.  It’s nice to have a weekend to yourself just to relax.  I decided to wear my favorite color pink, but to make it even better HOT pink.

Obviously during the week you dress a little more professional until Friday rolls around.  With my company once daylight savings starts we are able to wear Business Casual on a daily basis rather than just on Fridays, oh but we are NEVER allowed to wear jeans which is a good thing because I’m not a fan of wearing jeans.  I have an awkward body shape so I only have 2 pairs of jeans that are actually comfortable but 4 pairs of jeans all together.  I’m a big fan of skirts and dresses, especially in warm weather so once summertime comes it will be skirt and dress weather!

As for my outfit:

Blazer:  Tahari

Pants:  Kate Hill

Floral Blouse:  The Gap

Black Tank top:  Ralph Lauren

Shoes:  Ugg (Love these, they remind me of Pippi Longstocking/Marry Poppins)

Purse:  Burberry

xoxo Moniczka

instagram  Monisia87

trendabl moniczka_moda


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