Blue Box


So today was a coworkers birthday celebration, she turns 25 tomorrow and I decided to get her a mug from Tiffany’s.  I know she is obsessed with Tiffany’s so I got her a little something in a blue box!  She was very happy when she got it because well, what girl doesn’t like to see a blue box on her desk first thing when she walks into work?  I love making people smile because everyone needs a little pick me up every once in a while. 

As for my outfit the skirt I’ve had forever.  I’ve actually blogged it before.  It’s more in style now than before because of the big boom of ombre.  I paired my old Express skirt with a blue girls Ralph Lauren Polo with a beaded emblem.  These can be found at my mom’s store I’m not sure 100% if she has anymore but she might have something similar. 

The shoes are Franco Sarto as I’ve blogged before.

The bag is Louis Vuitton and of course my lovely accessory of the blue Tiffany’s & Co box!  Short post today I have so much to do, oh and that last picture is of the lovely mani pedi we got for my coworkers birthday!

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xoxo Moniczka


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